A communal installation uses one DSTV dish and/or aerial to service numerous users. This type of system is used for flats, hotels, guest houses and complexes. We are available to assist in the planning stages of any communal system or we can retro fit to an existing system.

As Accredited Installers we have the knowledge and experience necessary to install your system correctly, efficiently and neatly.
Believe you me there are plenty of fly-by-night installers who claim to be able to install and service communal systems but if you want full satisfaction look no further than Reliance TV. All our systems are digital ready.

Planning, installation and maintenance of shared dishes professionally undertaken by skilled and motivated technicians.
Keep your building neat and tidy and consolidate the dishes on a block into one simple system. Communal systems per block can be simply installed for two, four, six users and upwards. Alternatively the existing pipes can often be utilized to connect the blocks of units to each other and hence to one dish for multiple users. 

Using a fiber optic system we currently have one dish feeding 998 users in 98 separate blocks with full HDPVR, Explora, SD DSTV and SABC signals as well as data/internet.

Currently we assist numerous Body Corporates in the management of their DSTV signals either directly or via a Managing Agent. If your DSTV picture goes call on the pros.

Aerial Installations- Maintenance and Repairs

We can assist you with:

  • Standard SABC aerial/s
  • Communal (one aerial for multiple users) SABC aerials.
  • Improve the picture quality of your existing installation by calling us now 
  • Extra viewing points in other rooms or the Granny flat
  • Wall mounting of TVs or flat screens from 7inch to 62inch.
  • All our systems are digital ready.