Fiber Optic cable is the future of cabled systems. It is a glass tube, thinner than a human hair, that has a hollow core through which information travels at the speed of light.

Fiber optic cable can carry any digital information such as DSTV signals, CCTV camera pictures, telephone and internet. The optic cables are impervious to lightning and future proof so an installation done now will be able to cope with technological improvements for the foreseeable future. 

One optic cable can have multiple cores that allow for the transmission of DSTV, SABC, data, internet, intercom and cameras all linked to one integrated system. Using a fiber optic system we currently have one dish feeding 998 users in 98 separate blocks with full HDPVR, Explora, SD DSTV and SABC signals as well as data/internet.

If you need a communal fiber DSTV system or network cabling for your home office or business give Reliance TV a call for fast and efficient service.